THE Unbroken Ties CAST

The Myittar cast's final lineup was unveiled to the public, stirring anticipation and excitement - 2019 Feb 4

The Myittar cast, an extraordinary ensemble of 18 individuals and 52 children that consist of 15 orphan youths, elevates the film through performances beyond mere acting, infusing every scene with authenticity and emotional resonance. Their collective dedication to the cause championed by the Mary K. Yap Foundation is palpable, as each cast member invests their talent, heart, and love into the 92-minute production. The result is a cinematic experience transcending entertainment, becoming a powerful vehicle for social impact. The values of humility and conviction, central to the Mary K. Yap Foundation’s mission, find expression through the cast’s performances, turning Myittar into more than just a film but a testament to the transformative potential of cinema.

“Using fame for good means more than just donations;
it’s about making our world better for everyone.” – Angelina Jolie

Among the distinguished cast, luminaries such as the 4x Myanmar Academy Award winner Lumin, the accomplished 3x Myanmar Academy Award recipient Htun Eindra Bo, and the talented 1x Myanmar Academy Award winner Swe Zin Htaik stand out, bringing a wealth of experience and skill from their home country. Additionally, personalities like the Burmese American Chin sensation Gin Mung, the emerging Burmese American Transgender Christie Aung, and the captivating May Maung add diversity and nuance to the cast. Furthermore, Hollywood supporting cast members Britteny Powell, Tyler Dryden, and Holland Clement, known for their roles in multiple features, seamlessly blend their international expertise with the ensemble’s collective energy.

Alongside the entire cast of the Trailer Runaways, including Meghan Cullen, Elijah El-Amin, Amy Bui, Cha-Tah Ellem, and Talkib Mudiwa, this collaboration between Mandalay Productions and the Mary K. Yap Foundation celebrates talent, unity, and a shared commitment to making a positive difference in the world. The unity within a cast is akin to a finely tuned orchestra, where each instrument plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious symphony. In filmmaking, this unity translates into a higher degree of success, enriching the collaborative process and elevating the final product. When a cast operates as a cohesive unit, individual talents are seamlessly blended, creating a synergy that enhances the film’s overall impact.

“Driven by authentic on-screen chemistry.”

The success of a film often hinges on the ability of the cast to forge a collective vision and work towards a shared goal. The Myittar cast exemplifies this unity, with each member contributing unique skills and perspectives. Whether it’s the seasoned Myanmar Academy Award winners or the emerging talents, their collective commitment to the cause championed by the Mary K. Yap Foundation becomes a driving force behind the film’s success.

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